A New Script Called The ENCORE

It is the movie trailer that gets me excited about the movie! 🎥🍿 Similarly, reading the Word of God is an opportunity to see the script that God has directed for our lives. When we move past merely scripture memorization to studying the Word, the Lord begins to flood our thoughts with His thoughts of us. It’s like having exclusive access to a new script.

In this new script, there’s new dialogue and new actions that correspond. The more we delve into scripture and become doers of the Word, a new character arises in us and we become more Christ-like. Our language changes and begins to align with what has been written about us.

When I learned that God’s Word was the baseline for an abundant supernatural life, my desire to learn of Him began to increase. I’ve witnessed God do some amazing things in my life…past and present! First, I had to exchange my script (plans) for the script that was crafted just for me.

You know, things didn’t always make sense to me nor did I foresee all the steps of the next scene in advance…no matter how “anointed” I believed I was. This is where my faith had to arise. Nonetheless, THE DIRECTOR (God) has never produced any lackluster events or scripts. It will ALWAYS be ENCORE! According to Merriam-Webster, ‘encore’ is defined as:

a reappearance or additional performance demanded by an audience or a second achievement especially that surpasses the first.

I’m excited about the next scene as I continue replaying and rehearsing His script for my life. 🔂

Embrace His script for your life. It is ERROR-FREE, ENCORE, and full of surprises along the way!


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