Make a BOLD Announcement! đź“Ł

People can pray with you, yet refuse to believe in the prayers that they pray concerning you. Not everyone that prays with/for you is actually FOR you!

Remember Paul in Acts 16? On their way to a prayer meeting, a slave girl was heralding a similar message and it sounded great, but Paul discerned she was motivated by a demonic spirit which attempted to dilute the trajectory of their prayers for that region.

Beloved, unbelief is a THIEF! Discernment is paramount…particularly during times of intercession.

Unbelief, in any form, is designed to rob you of hope in the One that is faithful to PERFORM His Word.

Unbelief, in any form, is designed to strip you of your God-ordained purpose and authority.

Unbelief attempts to rob you of your ability to create.

Unbelief is linked to DISHONOR and TRAUMA.

Unbelief cultivates INFIRMITY.

Unbelief loves to partner with FEAR, RELIGION and POVERTY.

Unbelief is designed to establish you in the place of mediocrity by quenching the Fire of God in you.

Unbelief is designed to rob you of experiencing supernatural encounters.

Unbelief, is an impediment to DREAMING WITH GOD!

How do you counteract these covert attacks of the enemy?

Make BOLD announcements about your God-given dream.

Write the vision. Essentially, this writing involves what you saw, heard, smelled, tasted, and felt concerning the dream and/or promise. Believe me, YOU WILL RUN with it as God continues to unveil more revelation.

Take communion.

Fast AND pray.

Consistently pray into the desires that God has placed in your heart and execute the strategy of Heaven.

Partner with other radical believers in prayer that dare to believe God to do the “seemingly” impossible.


I command the spirit of unbelief to be apprehended, quarantined, cast out, and consumed by the Fire of the Lord. I receive the Father’s radical blueprint for my life. In Yeshua’s Name, Amen.

Keep rocking with God and allow His dreams to be branded on the frontlets of your eyes and engraved on the tablet of your heart.


Apostle Chassity

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