In the day when I cried out, You answered me, And made me bold with strength in my soul.

Psalm 138:3

What do you do, when you feel as though your back is against a wall? Where do you go when the emotions of desperation, loneliness, anger, fear or guilt outweigh your ability to manage?  We have emotions for a reason, and they are there to tell us something.  When we learn to see the value of emotions, they help us learn and grow.  I have had life occurrences and experienced many negative emotions all at one time and it made me feel paralyzed, inability to function in a normal way, therefore, affecting my personal and professional life.  It is hard to pinpoint why things happen or why situations consumed me to the point that I felt vulnerable and weak.  But, one thing I always knew, the Devil is a liar and I will not fall victim to his ploys (John 8:44).

No matter the reason or how great or small life challenges may be, take a deep breath and recite. “In the day when I cried out, you answered me, and made me bold with strength in my soul”. God gives us strength in our souls, to bear the burdens, resist temptation—if we holdfast by FAITH and wait with PATEINCE, we are bound to rejoice by his GRACE.  This verse has four facts: God is always there for us, God answers prayers, God makes me bold and God provides strength for my soul. By committing to reciting and memorizing God’s word moves us from being reactive to challenges in our lives to being proactive about our walk with Him.

So, don’t let the challenges of life get you down/depressed…Get up! Take a deep breath, take out your sword, don your shield, and then reclaim your power, purpose, joy and hope.  
Song:  What Shall I do? By Tramaine Hawkins

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3 thoughts on “Strength

  1. To Apostle Natasha, Thank the Lord for giving you such an Inspiring very Powerful message of your Love for Jesus! And others by sharing. I Well received.
    Very Proud and deeply Love Family for her.. Giving God all the Glory!! Blessings, Blessings Blessings always.

    Much Love, Mom……

    1. I’m Blessed to be related to someone who has this understanding and relationship with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords…

      May the light of God continue shine in and out of you always..

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